What You Should Do After Installing a Lawn Sprinkler

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Like other lawns, you should water your grass using a sprinkler system. However, sprinkler systems are complex systems that require maintenance. As a result, if you are wondering what you should do after installing your lawn sprinkler system, continue reading this page to learn more.

Clean Your Sprinkler System

After you have installed your lawn sprinkler system, you should clean the heads of the sprinklers. You should do this to remove debris and insects. You can use a garden hose to turn off the water supply to the heads. After this, you should remove the heads by removing the screws that are holding them in place. You can clean the entire system using a garden hose with a nozzle.

Check the Sprinkler Head

If you are wondering why your lawn did not get watered, check the sprinkler head. You should check if there are any leaks or damage that may cause the water to leak. You should fix the leaks and replace the damaged heads. You should also check the sprinkler heads if they are still moist. This means that they are still functional.

You Need to Test the System

Once the heads of the sprinkler system are clean, you should test the system. You should turn on the system so that you can check whether the heads are functioning properly. You should also test the sprinkler heads if they are still moist. If they are still moist, this means that they are still functional.

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