The Effects of Delaying Irrigation Repair Services

What Happens if You Refuse to Fix Your Damaged Irrigation System?

There are several dangers in delaying the repair of your irrigation system. Aside from wasted water and food, you could also end up having to pay for more service or replacement due to damaging algae and bacteria growth. Three of the other dangers of delaying the irrigation repair are as follows:

Your landscape grows algae

It’s very possible that your irrigation system is leaking. The reason it’s leaking is that the seal around the joints and pipes is deteriorating. The leak in your system will allow for liquid to seep out. When the leak is on the surface, it’s easy to notice. However, if it’s in the underground pipes, you won’t notice it until you start noticing lots of green algae on the surface. This will appear when the leak is not fixed within a few hours or days. Therefore, it’s extremely important to check if your irrigation system is leaking before calling a professional.

The waste consumption is too much

If your system leaks, you may end up wasting more water than what’s normal. The consumption may be so high that it will lead to mold growth in your home. When this happens, you will have to get rid of the mold and replace your system. If the leak is in the underground pipes, it’s possible that the water will back up. It’s very dangerous to wait for this to happen, especially if you are home because the water level can reach your feet. Before this happens, call a professional to fix your broken irrigation system.

The cycle is not completed

If the leak is in the underground pipes, you might end up with a system that is not working properly. The water might not be getting to the places where it should. This is dangerous because you may end up with a system that is leaking on the surface instead of underground and vice versa. The water will end up damaging the roots of your plants and the grass. This can lead to severe problems in the long term, like rotting and the lawn dying.

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