Proper Practices for Irrigation Repair and Maintenance

Forever Sprinkling  

Proper landscaping can add great aesthetics to your property, so better make sure it’s working as it should. Proper irrigation repair is one of the ways to maintain the beauty of your landscaping, improve plant life, and reduce water waste. And since this irrigation is also used during every season aside from winter, it’s only smart to do maintenance to keep it working, especially at times when you need it.

Seasonal Adjustments

Depending on what type of season it is, you can adjust the watering schedule accordingly. During the spring, the lawn really doesn’t require the same amount of water as they do at the beginning of fall. By that time, you can really just readjust the sprinkler to a much lower watering frequency. Also, watering varies in different areas of your lawn. For example, there are those spots or areas that face the sun all day long that need more water than the areas that are mostly shaded. So readjust it properly for each area.

Regular Checks

Check the entire lawn irrigation regularly for broken lines, leaks, and misdirected sprinklers. Some irrigation issues can be wastewater and you’re also wasting money. If you already have noticed a part of your lawn has puddles of water while another area is dry, this could mean that there is a leak somewhere. Also, if the entire irrigation system is delivering high-pressure misting, so installing a pressure device can fix this issue. This will then truly regulate the water pressure of your irrigation system. You won’t ever have to waste so much water due to neglect.

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