Common Issues You Can Experience With Your Irrigation System

A Reliable Drip Irrigation Expert Explains

Drip irrigation trickles water slowly near the base of the plant, using a system of tubing, pipes, valves, and emitted to do so. It is a sure and inexpensive way to make sure that your plants and trees get the water they deserve. These systems can be quite efficient, especially when water restrictions are in place. However, many DIYers make common mistakes during the installation or maintenance process. As a result, they nullify all the pros of their irrigation system and start searching for an irrigation repair expert, such as my company in Tucson, AZ. Here, I have compiled a few common issues that you may come across with your irrigation system. Keep reading if you want to find out what they are.

Number 1: Over-Watering Your Plants

Most DIYers think that they haven’t done a good job with the installation of their drip irrigation. The reason is that they do not see the pooling of water at the base of their plants. However, drip irrigation systems come with an advantage that many people overlook. Such systems do not require much water to reach the root system.

Number 2: Applying too Much Water Pressure

Typically a drip irrigation system needs no more than 25 pounds per square inch. If you overuse it, the dripper heads may squirt where they should be dripping. The fittings may pop off, too.

Number 3: Lack of Knowledge for the Watering Needs of Your Plants

Planning a drip irrigation system can be pretty difficult to undertake. Different plants have different watering requirements, so doing a bit of research in advance is something worth considering. you may need to have a single dripper that gives more water than the rest within the same system. Other cases may involve using extra drippers for some particular plants and fewer for others.

If you have failed to complete any of these actions, then you may want to consider hiring a drip irrigation repair expert, such as Full service Irrigation LLC. I can handle any type of work that you require, irrigation-wise. Feel free to give me a call at (520) 502-3225 and discuss your wants with me. Where you make mistakes, I will give you the advice you need. What seems to be the problem with your irrigation system? Let me know!

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